Your greatest goal in life is not to become better only for yourself -
Your greatest goal in life is to make a better world for the next generations...

''If a man does not long to become one with the One who created him,
than he missed the whole point of life.

Urban Urbanc

Creator of mindfulness programs
Relationship coach

Urban Urbanc is an international author, nutrition, health and wellness expert and love relationships coach. He is an athlete, a professor of Sports Science and Sports Psychology and the creator of popular online mindfulness and Healing Heart programs for body, mind and soul.

His courses guide you thru the process of developing self-love and harmony within yourself to help you manifest your optimal love relationship and optimal life.

He has authored The Being of Light and The Warrior of Love - books about unconditional love, relationships and the possibility of creating a life of fulfillment, inner peace, and higher understanding of love in deeply spiritual love partnerships.

His work touches the hearts of many who identify with his views on Love as the universal power for attaining self-realization and awareness of our Spirit.


Urban leads an international consulting practice, international retreats and online individual mentorship courses for all who have a desire to heal their heart and experience the highest form of unconditional love.

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