Writing has become my passion.
When I write, time ceases to exist - my emotions begin to take form
as they materialize through me into written word.


''The wildly burning flames in our hearts
will make us find each other in the dark''


Written with Love - beautiful and pure thoughts about love, honesty, emotions & feelings, women...with sensual images.

For You and Me, for Her and Him ... for all that believe, feel, think and try to live this way - Love is the strongest force in life and the only force that will open the doors or awareness and perception.  
45 Reflections and notes about life, soul, honesty, and relationships...


Full Color, 104 pages

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"A Timeless treasure...a must-have!
A Timeless treasure of Love Wisdom and Undying Hope about the possibility of Unconditional Love..."

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''If you wish to follow your heart,
courage and truth will keep you alive''


"His new book “The Warrior of Love” offers a unique approach for empowering and developing exalted principles of a man’s emotional and spiritual balance in today’s world."

45 reflections and pure thoughts with sensual images about acceptance, love, relationships, woman, man and wisdom that Urban gained through his life.


Full Color, 104 pages

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