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Why choosing intuitive individual sessions with Urban?

With individual sessions we have the possibility to aproach your problems personaly. With many years of experiences and by studying relationships between men and women, I discovered and realized what ussually is the ''triger'' that keeps us staying in painfull relations and our unability to be truly happy in our lives. Only when we are happy, when we accept and completely love ourselves, only then we are able to be happy with our partner.
Through my own experience I will help you find the strenght within yourself so you will be always able to follow yourself and your heart. I will help you hear the voice of your soul and show you how to distinguish it from the voice of ego.

In what way you can work with me?
There are two ways you can work with me:
Individual consulting where you have a chance for a personal approach and finding answers to your questions about healthy way of living, about healthy nutrition and about healthy relationship. We will discous all aspects of your life that might disturb you and bother you, where you perhaps did get lost or you stoped on your path and you don't know how to continue. For consultings click here.

On-line courses that are sent to you weekly, contain different topics (Finding balance between your body and spirit, Walking the path of your heart and How to leave your past and break unhealthy relationships). All on-line programs include individual sessions by Skype.  For on-line courses click here.



How does individual consulting and sessions looks like and what benefits do I have if I choose them?

In the comfort of your home Urban offers a personal and professional approach to your issues. We will conduct sessions via Skype. After the payment has been received you will get a few available dates and time options via email with all further instructions in 48 hours. For canceling or rescheduling your booking we kindly ask you to let us know 48 hours before the session. 
We recommend that you prepare questions prior to the conversation. After the session you will receive the summary of your conversation, Urban's observations, remarks and some advice about the spoken topic.
All sessions are strictly confidential and will never be revealed to a third party.

How do the on-line courses looks like and what is included in the package?
Urban is a Professor of Sport Science and Sports Psychology. He is also a nutrition, health and wellness expert and love relationships coach. Human body and mind are well familiar to him, especially psychology of human thoughts and emotions. For the last 5 years he was a manager of a healthy shop with ecological food and he devoted most of his life discovering and educating on that subject. He conducted several workshops and lectures about healthy way of living all over Slovenia, Europe. After some pretty heavy time in his last couple years he learned a lot about himself and about relationships so he started to write about love and he organized some meetings and lectures about healthy relationship and love.

He is the creator of popular online mindfulness and Healing Heart programs for body, mind and soul which are the product based on his own experiences. All 3 programs are mutual and correspond to one another.
Finding balance between your body and spirit last 4 weeks. Each week a pdf file will be send to you. A file contains lots of information about healthy way of living, exercises and weekly menus with new and healthy recepies. Besides you will get 2 (two) individual sessions by Skype for 45 minutes where you will be able to discous everything that occurs to your mind.
Walking the path of your heart (WPH) lasts 5 weeks and How to leave your past and break unhealthy relationships (HLP) 8 weeks. The pdf file contains notes about these two subjects, exercises, techniques and questions. With the WPH program you will get 3 (three) and with the HLP 4 (four) individual session for 45 minutes by Skype where you will be able to discous everything that occurs to your mind during the course.



What are my benefits if I subscribe for news?
If you decide to subscribe for news, you will receive each week deep thoughts about life, love, relationships, emotions, honesty, feelings, dreams, women, men,...
Besides you will be notified about retreats, events and meetings that I organize each month.


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